Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bathroom Renovation - Part 3 - New Flooring

Back to the bathroom renovation... apologies again for the thousands of you patiently waiting for an update (LOL)

The new wiring is in for lights and my hair dryer outlet and now to do the floor.  This is what we had, it was a sheet of flooring that we found to be glued down very tightly to some type of sub-floor.

We did think about ripping that out and perhaps painting the wood floor that may be underneath, similar to what we did in the guest bedroom here.  But because it was so firmly attached we thought we would just cover it with another flooring.

After considering another sheet flooring product and deciding that would not be so easy to get around the toilet (which we were leaving in place), we began to look for something else.  We found a really nice plank floor which appears to be vinyl and has sticky edges that you use to stick one piece to the next.  I had read about "allure" floors in other blogs and this seemed like the perfect thing for us.  It is easy to lay down and can be used in bathrooms.  I laid it myself and we are very pleased with the outcome.

The next job to tackle was the bottom half of the walls.  Previously they were covered with a sheet material that looks like square tiles.  You can see it here on the side wall which slants upwards and has the rose wallpaper on the top half.

This I am going to cover with beadboard.  I love beadboard...  stay tuned!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bathroom Renovation - Part 2 - New Wiring

This is the second post about my need for an outlet for my hair dryer, which led to a bathroom renovation.  You can read the first post here.

This is how we left the bathroom in my last post.  As you can see, the wall consisted of a thin panel board, which was painted a beige/sandy colour.  At the top of the wall over the door was a rose flowered border that matched wallpaper on the slanted side wall (to the right) and also above the tub (to the left).  Under the panel was at least two coverings of wallpaper and under that, lathe and plaster.

In the right bottom corner is where we needed the light switch and outlet to be and this is where you can see the wood which husband Eric removed the plaster from.

At this point it was decided to remove all the layers on top of the wood lathe.  For any of you who have done this you know what a mess it makes.  It's much easier to add new electrical outlets when you have drywall.  The plaster is broken with a hammer and it really falls apart and goes everywhere in small pieces.

The wood lathe looks like it must have been a lot of work to put all through a house.  This house is at least 80 years old, so it would have been done then.
Eric decided the best way to fix the wall would be to put new drywall over the lathe once the wiring was done.  The drywall will continue right across, above the door but the rest of the walls we are leaving as they are.  I like the rose wallpaper (on the slanted wall) partially because my last name is "Rose" but also because it is in keeping with the style of the house. 

Eric made cuts in to the lathe to allow placing of the box for the light fixture as well as the box for the light switch and outlet.

Here is the wiring completed for the fixture, which had to be precisely placed because there wasn't much room as the wall slanted in, both in terms of height and width.  The higher we put the light, the more to the left it had to go.  Trying to keep the light centered over the sink we were limited in where the sink would end up in relation to the door which is to the left.  If we put the light too far to the right, anyone over 5 1/2" tall would be hitting their head on the slanted wall when they stood at the sink!

Here you can see how the light had to be precisely placed. Now I have my outlet... just to finish the rest.

Now, what to do for a sink and vanity?  Of course I could have made my own vanity except I don't currently have a workshop.  We decided to buy an old wash stand and use it for our vanity.

Here's a before sneak peak of the vanity we found at a local antique store:

You'll have to wait to see what I did with it!

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Saturday, May 9, 2015

How the Need for a Hair Dryer Outlet Turned Into a Bathroom Renovation!

We have one bathroom in our farmhouse, plus a toilet in the laundry room.  The main bathroom is upstairs along with the three bedrooms in this house.  It is also right beside the master bedroom.

As you may recall, we moved in here last November and are gradually renovating the house.  I had a problem with the bathroom, in that I have long hair and need to use a hair dryer after my showers, but there were no outlets.  Nowhere to plug in the hair dryer, so that led me to sit on my bed and dry my hair.  Now, that is not so bad except my husband is very good at electrical repairs and I thought he could "easily" put in some outlets for me, near the sink.

This is what we were working with.  A small vanity with a "belly" sink which has no real counter top area.  A slanted wall, and along with no outlet, no lights over or near the mirror, just one light in the middle of the ceiling.

So, when I asked dear husband Eric if he could find a way to wire a spot for me to plug in my hair dryer, we began to look into what this would entail. It seemed the best and only place would be to the right of the mirror (near the hummingbirds which came with the house).  At the same time, it seemed logical to put in a light switch for some type of light to go over the mirror.

Here is a photo of the area to the left of the vanity, where the entry door is:

Now, how to get the electrical wiring over to that area?  This was not easy because of the slanted ceiling, so Eric went in to the attic over the bathroom to see just what was up there.

Remember this photo of the mystery suitcase left in the attic?
Well on the left is Eric bent over, looking at the wiring for the bathroom ceiling light and seeing if he could tap into it for my new outlet and switch.

It seemed he could find a way to wire the new parts we needed so he proceeded to take down the mirror and the door molding.

The wall covering was a thin board (not sure what you call it, like a panelling), that had been wallpapered a few times and painted over. So first Eric scraped off what he could and then he cut a small section on the right where my outlet would go, just to see what was under there.

Aha!  Lathe and plaster.

Now at this point I suppose you can see where this was leading (or maybe the title of this post gave it away?).  We decided that we might as well take the whole panelling off, replace with drywall and repaint.  Then, well, while all that was apart, we might as well...

replace the lower portion of the wall and then...

since the sink was in the way and also too small...

get a new sink and vanity...

and since the vanity sits on the floor...

put in a new floor...

and since the baseboards would have to come off to put in a new floor...

put in new baseboards...

and since everything was pretty much going to look new...

paint all the trim and mouldings!

... to be continued...
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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Guest Bedroom Makeover - part 3 - decorated (for now)

As I said previously, (see parts 1 and 2 here) I didn't chose the colour yellow for the walls, that was my husband's choice.  When it was time to buy new bedding I wanted to get some type of quilt with yellow in it and paint an old headboard white.  Unfortunately that didn't fit what he had in mind.

Here is our guest bedroom after putting in the bed and a few things on the walls.  (I added the pillow after the fact because I felt if the walls were yellow, the colour needed to be repeated in the room at least somewhere!)

The lovely drawing of the ram was done by my husband's uncle many years ago.

It's difficult to decorate a room with slanted walls as you can't hang pictures on them.  I'm not sure how the experts get around this?

The table, small floral artwork, lamp and rocking chair have been my husband's for many years (before I came in to the picture).  We do hope to get some type of rug for the area between the bed and the door.  This is what we have for now.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Guest Bedroom Makeover - part 2 - the walls and trim

We are redoing the guest bedroom and you can see how we changed the floors here in my last post.

As I wrote in that post, everything in the room was beige. We did some minor patching, but you can see below how the closet wall looked with the trim, baseboards, door and wall all the same colour.

 The window wall looked much the same:

The trim and mouldings really are old and beautiful to my eye, but they just blended in with the walls.

As I said in that last post, we primed everything at the same time to give our new paint something to stick to since we had no idea what was used previously.

The priming left us with a white-wash look everywhere.

We even primed the baseboard heaters.  The only thing we left was the ceiling.

All the trim was painted in a white called "Milk Moustache" by Beauti-Tone, made in Canada by Home Hardware.  I painted all the baseboards, closet door, door frames, window frame and baseboard heaters.

The walls were done in a colour picked by my husband.  It was not something I would have chosen, but it looks nice.  It's also by Beauti-Tone and called "Crocus Tint."

Paint can do wonders to freshen up a room!

In my next post I'll show you the finished room... to be continued.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Guest Bedroom Makeover - part 1 - the floor

Our old farmhouse has three bedrooms upstairs and a bathroom.  The master bedroom is quite large, the other two bedrooms are about 10' x 10'. One of those rooms is for our daughter, who lives with us, and the other is a guest bedroom.  

When we moved in, last Oct. 1, almost all the walls in the house that weren't wallpapered, were painted a sandy beige colour.  This included all the lovely wide old trim.  The trim, closet door, and the walls in the guest bedroom were all painted the same beige.

This is the guest bedroom (ignore the fireplace which came with the house, we didn't have a place to put it).

Of course, we had no idea what lurked under the thick blue carpet. Actually there was another blue carpet underneath, which the photos don't really show. But this carpet in the photo below is a bit darker and shaggier than the carpet in the photo above.

 Under the carpets was very old wood flooring.  (There's a strange floor patch by the door)

The floor was basically covered in old glue of some sort, some areas thicker than others.

We decided we would paint the wood floors and my husband got the very messy job of sanding them.

This was a LOT of work, Eric needed a respirator mask and many, many belts of sandpaper. The dust was thick and everywhere. The floors came up quite nicely, but not nice enough to stain.

We then put a coat of primer on everything in the room, the closet door, trim, walls and floor.

The next step was to paint the floors.  We chose a light gray porch and floor paint and rolled on two coats.

I'll show more photos when I show the rest of the room painted!

Stay tuned to see the rest of the guest bedroom makeover... to be continued.
(Read part 2 here)

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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Trip to Biloxi - part 2

Here is the second post about my trip to Biloxi, Mississippi.  The first post is here.

Biloxi lighthouse

I forgot to include, that on our visit to "Beauvoir," the home of Jefferson Davis, there was a small presidential library on the grounds.  Inside was a mini museum with a few civil war artifacts and this hung on the wall.  I'm not sure what it was, and no one was there to ask, but being a sign maker myself I really liked it.
(approximately 20" diameter)

One of the shopkeepers we met on our trip mentioned a nice little town called Bay St. Louis that was just down the road from Biloxi.  We took a short drive there and found a cute little area with houses that were converted to shops and restaurants.  Bay St. Louis has been featured in different magazines as one of the top ten small towns in America!

We stopped for lunch at "the Buttercup"

of course I liked the sign outside:

We also shopped in a few antique stores:

This one "Antique Maison" was absolutely packed with lovely old treasures for sale:

Back in Biloxi we went to the town square and saw the Katrina monument.  It has the names of all those in the Biloxi area (including Bay St. Louis) who were taken by the hurricane in 2005. The monument was built to the height that the water came to during the storm.

Linked beside it is a beautiful mosaic:

Here is a close-up of the work:

Very close to this monument in the city is an oak tree named "the Patriarch" that is said to be 2,000 years old. This magnificent tree sits in the courtyard of "Mary Mahoney's," a restaurant that all visitors to Biloxi are told they should eat at.  (We didn't!)

We enjoyed our trip to Biloxi, let me know if you go too, it's surely much closer to most of you than a four day car drive.