Friday, November 29, 2013

Moon Photography Prop

I was asked by a local photography studio if I could make props for baby photos.  Apparently this is quite popular, to pose babies with different props.  I did some searches and was given some websites to look at for inspiration.

The moon prop was made from 1/2" thick MDF with twelve 7" long pine slats.

This is how I cut each moon.  I cut a larger circle using my router and then another smaller one.

Because I didn't want any screws or nails to show on the outside of the moon, I decided to glue another piece of curved MDF cut the same diameter as the smaller moon, and glue that on the inside.  This would leave a ledge for the slats to sit on.

I cut out two identical moons and inner pieces, then I made a small 7" wide shelf that would fit between the moons at the bottom.  This shelf sat on top of two triangular shaped feet.  The feet were necessary to stop the moon from rocking and tipping.  The shelf kept the distance of the moons parallel to the top where the slats would be.

The slats were coated with shellac and fit in the curve, pin nailed to the curved inner pieces.  I put  a coat of primer on the moon pieces before adding the slats.

The customer painted the moon white and will use it for baby photographs. The first photo in this post is one she shared with me, isn't it cute!

Thanks to Tanya for asking me to attempt this moon prop.  I had to figure out the best way to make it and it was quite the challenge!

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  1. This is ridiculously adorable!!!!!


  2. too darn cute Julie! I love fun photo props for babies!


  3. Soooo cute! Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  4. That is so adorable! What a great photo too!

  5. I love it! It would make an adorable baby rocker too, with modifications.

  6. oh i love this... i think i might need to make this for our baby photos in the spring!

  7. Oh my, that does look like it would have been a challenge, but of course, you rose to it beautifully! What a great prop!

  8. What was the dimensions of the MDF that you used?

  9. How much would shipping be from where you are to Vancouver BC? It's lovely by the way:)

  10. Joesph, thank you for the compliment on my "moon," but I made this for a customer and do not have another one. Also, I recently moved and do not have a workshop right now, so I am unable to make you one. Perhaps you could find a local woodworker and show him/her the information here at my blog and he/she could make you one? Apologies, Julie


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