Monday, April 28, 2014

Outhouse Signs

I often get orders from appearing at local Craft Sales or Farmers' Markets.  People see my work and like it, but want their own wording, colours and fonts.  That is okay with me (except I'd like to reduce some of my stock!).

This order came from someone who needed two signs on the outhouses at the local Cross Country Ski Club. These are made from pallet wood and distressed to look old.

The font is large and clear, black on white, to show up from a distance.  I went to find them the other day and here they are on the cute little red outhouses!

I enjoy making the signs, but even more to be able to see the results.


  1. Ha! Those outhouses are adorable! Love the signs. :)


  2. Perfect signs for such adorable outhouses!

  3. Perfect signs for perfect outhouses ( I never thought I'd think an outhouse was perfect - but they really are lol )
    Great job Julie !


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