Sunday, April 26, 2015

Guest Bedroom Makeover - part 2 - the walls and trim

We are redoing the guest bedroom and you can see how we changed the floors here in my last post.

As I wrote in that post, everything in the room was beige. We did some minor patching, but you can see below how the closet wall looked with the trim, baseboards, door and wall all the same colour.

 The window wall looked much the same:

The trim and mouldings really are old and beautiful to my eye, but they just blended in with the walls.

As I said in that last post, we primed everything at the same time to give our new paint something to stick to since we had no idea what was used previously.

The priming left us with a white-wash look everywhere.

We even primed the baseboard heaters.  The only thing we left was the ceiling.

All the trim was painted in a white called "Milk Moustache" by Beauti-Tone, made in Canada by Home Hardware.  I painted all the baseboards, closet door, door frames, window frame and baseboard heaters.

The walls were done in a colour picked by my husband.  It was not something I would have chosen, but it looks nice.  It's also by Beauti-Tone and called "Crocus Tint."

Paint can do wonders to freshen up a room!

In my next post I'll show you the finished room... to be continued.


  1. What a difference! It is going to look great and such a fresh new space.

  2. Sweet! You painted the baseboard heaters?? Wonder if I should do that...


  3. great transformation! The room looks great Julie. I agree, primer it all! gives you a fresh look of everything!


  4. What a huge difference paint makes! Love the painted floor!

  5. Terrific transformation- that room is going to be bright and welcoming. Looking forward to seeing the final reveal.

  6. great work very inspiring thanks for sharing at the handmade hang out have a great day

  7. If there is such a think as a perfect yellow, you found it. Very soft and elegant. I would love it if you would share this fabulous post at our WIW Linky Party. Hope you can join us!


  8. Very fresh and lovely....guests will love it. The floor is stunning!!

  9. It looks like my teeny guest room Julie !
    I LOVE the colors - yellow and grey are perfect together !

  10. Looks awesome!! Can't wait to see it finished! I like the yellow! :)


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