Saturday, May 28, 2011

Shutter and Pallet Wood Creation - part 7 - FINISHED

My cupboard is finished and I'm pleased with how it turned out.

The series started here.

Since the last blog post I laid it on it's back and glued the pieces together and clamped it up:

Shutter Pallet Cupboard

It definitely needs a lot of clamps with pressure at the right spots
Shutter Pallet Cupboard

The top is simply made with three widths of pallet wood glued together.

I painted the shutter with Annie Sloan Chalk paint in the color "Provence" distressed and then finished it with a coat of clear wax.
Shutter Pallet CupboardShutter Pallet Cupboard

The outside and inside is coated with clear shellac.
Shutter Pallet Cupboard

You can see holes from the previous use of the pallet wood, as well as different types of wood, although most looks like pine. There's a wood toggle to keep the door closed in keeping with the simplicity of design.

It's a one-of-a-kind piece.

 Everything I make is for sale... inquiries invited!

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Shutter and Pallet Wood Creation - part 6

The cupboard is nearing completion, I really hope some of you are following along to see how I design and put together pieces.  I have not had any comments, so it's hard to know if what I am saying is making any sense!

Anyway... You can start at part 1 here

I need to put dadoes in the sides and back where the middle shelf and bottom panel will be.
*Dadoes = grooves in wood that run perpendicular to the grain*

I am using my 3/8" diameter router bit and my router table.  The middle shelf groove is about 12" down from the top, the bottom groove needs to be precisely made so that the bottom panel will meet the top of the bottom rail. (this will make more sense when you see the 3rd photo)

Once all the dadoes are done the space has to be measured for the exact size of the bottom panel as well as the middle shelf.  They both will fit into the dadoes as well as around the corners of the legs.  Here is the bottom piece clamped in place:

You can see in the next photo how the bottom panel will fit up against the front bottom rail.  There is a slight space there but once it is glued and clamped it will appear as if it is one continuous piece of wood from the back of the shelf to the front:

The middle shelf will come out to just behind where the shutter door will fit, that way when the door is closed the back of it will touch up against the middle shelf:

This is all just fit together like a puzzle, one piece fitting into the next.  The only parts glued are the back panel glued to the back legs.  Next I will have to think about making a top piece.

Continue on to the final post here

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shutter and Pallet Wood Creation - part 5

I hope you joined me over at Funky Junk Interiors for the tote build but now...

Back to our regular scheduled programming...
continuing the Shutter Cupboard

**Here's a link to the first post in the series ~ part 1

The four legs need to have grooves cut into them to fit the side and back panels.
I'm using a 3/8" diameter router bit to make the groove.  Since the legs continue down past the bottom edge of the panel, the groove has to stop before the end of the leg. It works out to a groove of 24 1/2" long. 
 You can see in this photo the groove for the left side panel.

For the back two legs there will be two grooves, one for the side and one for the back:

The panels then have a little taken from each edge to make the correct width tenon to fit into the leg grooves:


The three panels fit into the grooves and will be glued there after I've made the shelf and the bottom piece.

Here's what we have so far, next I need to work on the shelf and bottom piece:


As you can see, this is like putting a puzzle together, it's very creative and mathematically challenging, two things I enjoy!

Continue on to part 6 here

Monday, May 16, 2011

Guest Posting at Funky Junk Interiors

Hi everyone! Today I'm guest posting over at my favourite blog

I am just thrilled that Donna has invited me to her fabulous blog to give a lesson on how to build a tool tote. I hope you'll join me over there to check it out!

And if you're a new visitor from Funky Junk, welcome, here's a bit about me and my blog.

Who I am:

 I'm Julie Rose, I live in Northern Ontario, Canada, and this is my workshop that my husband and I built ourselves:

What I'm about:

Although I am trying to get a small business off the ground, the main reason for my blog is to show other people that they CAN make their own furniture and other things out of wood.  There are some basic rules to woodworking and designing your own furniture that help pieces go together properly... and I'm trying to explain those ideas and principles as I blog about things I make.

What I've already blogged about:

In the past I've shown how I made many things including:

Lamp Table
Plywood Storage Boxes
Easy Bench
Adirondack Chair

I've also made many signs and included a post here about how to make framed signs and how to transfer the design and paint it 

Black Horse Ranch

Recently I've been making some things out of barn board, logs and pallet wood:

Barn Board Cupboard

Barn Board Mirror
Log Shelving Unit

What's great about being a woodworker:

When you can make your own things you don't have to go looking for furniture to paint or to redo, you don't have to use wood sizes that come from the big box stores, and if you need a piece of furniture to fit a certain area in your home you can make it to the exact size you want.  

And if you see something in a store, a book, or online you can make your own the same if you want to.

I found this in a book:                                     and then made this myself:

Buffet Hutch

I hope I can inspire some of you to make your own wood creations.  So if you're interesting in learning how to build, feel free to follow along.  I'd love to teach you more.

I encourage you to ask questions by emailing or by posting in the comment section of my blog... I enjoy helping!

Hope to see you over at:

Funky Junk's Workshop Series

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shutter and Pallet Wood Creation - part 4

Where was I?

Oh yes, trying to get pallet wood to become a cupboard.
**Here's a link to the first post in the series ~ part 1
I failed to mention earlier that I had some 2" x 2" lengths of wood that came with the pallets.  These wood be the four legs that would run from the top of the cupboard to the floor.  I took them to the jointer and planer to see what final widths I could get out of them.  Some were crooked and had large pieces ripped out of them.  I kept working at four of them until I could get them to be fairly straight and cleaner looking.  They will have holes in them from where the pallets were put together originally, but that's what makes them reused wood.  The final square legs are 1 1/2" x 1 1/2".

That being said, the front legs need two mortises in each one to hold a top rail and a bottom rail that the shutter door will fit between.

I'll show the final result first to make it easier to see what I'm doing.

This is what I'm aiming for:

Here's the top mortise in the left side leg that the rail, or cross piece will fit into:

I used scrap pallet wood for the cross pieces and made them 1 1/4" wide and put a tenon on each end to fit into the mortises of the legs:

These will be glued into place after the sides are ready.  But it will look like this: 

The bottom of the cupboard will fit up to the back of the bottom cross piece.

So this is what we have so far:                       And this is where we are headed:

Next... fitting the sides into the legs...

continue here to part 5

Shutter and Pallet Wood Creation - part 3

To make the cupboard I will need to use the size of the shutter which is the door.  Since the shutter is already made, I will build the cupboard around it.

**Here's a link to the first post in the series ~ part 1

The shutter measures:
I have to remember to leave a gap around the shutter door, for it to be able to swing and not get stuck in the opening.  So the door cavity will be about 10 1/8" wide x 23" deep.

The shutter will sit between two square legs like this:

 And the back will need to be wide enough to be as wide as the door cavity PLUS extra on each end so that I can make a tenon that will fit into the leg.

In case I lost some of you, I don't use pocket screws to attach parts.  I use tenons, which extend from one piece; and mortises, which are the holes in the other piece. This is a wood joint that will last. Here's an example of a tenon (a dovetail in this case) fitting into a leg.  This is from the small lamp table I made here

So, the back piece as well as the side pieces of my cupboard will fit into the legs.  I haven't yet decided if I will use a dovetail or a straight tenon, it will depend on the thickness of wood I can get out of the pallets.

The sides and back are made from gluing side-to-side strips of pallet wood

 I had better get to the shop and get working on this...

This project continues here at part 4

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shutter and Pallet Wood Creation - part 2

Well, I didn't get any response or guesses about what I will do with the shutter and pallet wood (except for Kelly, who creates things like I do and is working on her own shutter creations)

**Here's a link to the first post in the series ~ part 1

So, either 
    a) no one is reading this blog
    b) no one cares what I'm making
or c) readers just want to see what the heck it is and don't want to guess

I am hoping it's c), so we'll go with that.
Well... here's a sketch of what I have in mind:

this project continues here at part 3

Friday, May 6, 2011

Shutter and Pallet Wood Creation

I  found a few shutters at a local place where they sell previous used items of all sorts.  I also have a huge amount of pallet wood in storage just waiting for me to make something out of.

What would you make out of this?

I'm going to try and blog as I go... I have no pattern or plan, just some ideas and I'll try and explain things for each step of the design.

Let me know what you would make, or think I'm going to make?

Right now... I'm off to get acupuncture for my aching back.  If that doesn't work I won't be woodworking much, if at all!