Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Retail Space Laminate Floor

I have been spending full days at my new workshop house, there is just so much to do.

In my last post I said I was trying to find some laminate to patch the floor where I took out the wall and also where the old floor vent was.

  I looked everywhere and could not find anything to work.  I even considered a patch of something different around the front door area that would be covered by a mat.  The more I looked at the old flooring, the more I could see there were many small pieces patched together (and not actually clicked together) in the laminate and I would need to do a huge area as a patch.  I gave up on that idea and decided to buy new flooring.

So I began to take out the laminate in the retail space.  Here is what I found under the doorway.

And then when I took the layer of OSB off:

Isn't the old vinyl floor amazing?  Would that be from the 70s?

Now the patch for the grate area was not so simple.  I had to go downstairs and add two braces between the floor joists, to put the new floor patch onto.  First I cut through the plywood underneath, about 2" all around, to give a ledge for the new floor (OSB) to sit on.  Then I cut the OSB piece to sit on that ledge and I nailed it to the braces underneath.

About stripping all the laminate out of the retail area, this was NOT something I planned on, both time-wise and expense-wise. So I then figured I might as well use the old laminate in one of the bedrooms upstairs that I will use as a storage room.

There are three bedrooms upstairs, all have the same stick-on tile flooring.  Here's the one at the front of the house:

I removed the tiles and the baseboards and started to put the laminate (from the downstairs retail area) up in this room:

As I got to just over the half way mark, I realized that I might not have enough pieces to finish the room.  Many of the pieces were chipped or had damaged edges which would not allow them to click together properly.  I then worked like it was a puzzle, setting out the best pieces where I could trim ends to fit.  After laying them all out where they would go, but before actually cutting and clicking them together, I had it all figured out down to the last piece.  Thankfully it would just work for the size of the room.  Of course, as luck would have it, I cut a piece incorrectly (from the wrong end) and there was no way to use it because I couldn't click the ends to anything, they were both cut!  How disappointing, but I did manage to look through all the scrap pieces again and find a way to work it out with another piece.  What a lot of time, on something I didn't even plan to do.

The room will have to stay painted lilac for now, and the baseboards and window trim all need a coat of paint, but I really need to work on the workshop and retail spaces first!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Retail Space Taking Shape

As I last reported, (actually I didn't report I just showed a photo) we were in the midst of electrical work.  The workshop house needed pretty much a total re-wiring.  Many of the outlets, switches and lights were improperly and/or dangerously wired.  We called in a professional electrician to sort everything out.  He said it was one of, if not the worst, house he had ever worked in.  Just my luck.

The whole basement area was like a spiderweb of wires going every which way.  Some were not connected, some were, and some led to ... who knows where (those ones had to be capped off).  The electrician was at the workshop for almost two full weeks.  Can you say $$$$ ?

After he left, I spent a day and a half picking up old wires and vacuuming up the actual spiderwebs that hung from every beam.

On to the front room, which will be the retail space, that was last shown to look like this:

Since then, the studs for the closet were removed and the door and frame taken down.

That left me with this:

Then I tried to fix the ceiling where the top plates were.  I am not a good drywall finisher, but it looked good enough to paint.  (If you visit my shop please do not look up upon entering!)

Before I work on the walls I am trying to find some pieces of flooring that match the laminate that is there now.  There is laminate missing where the wall to the bedroom was and also a few pieces that have nail holes in them from the closet, which sat on top of the laminate. So far I have been unable to match it, there are so many different laminates and this is from about 7 years ago, so the chances are slim. I might have to redo the whole retail floor with something else.  I will check Home Depot this week, it's my last chance to find a match.

The retail space continues over to the place where my workshop will be (to the left of the door when you walk in) and I need to block that off.  I don't want shoppers to walk into the work space and I don't want sawdust in the store section.

I will have to make a wall just past where the stairs go up.  Directly across from that wall is a window, so the wall I make will need to be on a slight angle.

Here's a view from the other way, looking towards the front door. Looking at the next photo, the wall will start on the left just before the stairs and end on the right, just past the window. I'm not sure that it shows in the photos but a wall straight out from the stair wall would end up in the window space, thus the angled wall is needed.

I will also remove that large grate and will need to patch the laminate there as well.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Mermaid Sign

We interrupt these renovations to show an actual project!

As those of you who are creative know, it's hard to go months and months without actually making anything.  A few months back I was looking at the garden left by the last owner of our house and found some planks of wood that were used to edge one of the flower beds.  Since I had no supplies with me, except for a jigsaw and some paints, I had to make do with those to make a sign.

Usually I will glue planks together, but although I had glue, I didn't have clamps to hold the pieces together.  Instead, I used two extra pieces of wood which I nailed on the back of the five planks I had cut to length.

I found this black and white mermaid at The Graphics Fairy and transferred it to the wood with carbon paper and a pencil (lots of work!)

Then I hand painted the mermaid design, and here she is:

Mermaid sign hand painted on old wood
22 3/4" long x 17 1/2" wide

Back to renovating!

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Monday, September 7, 2015

My Daily Walk

My workshop is on Main Street, just around the corner from my house.  I walk 95% of the time and it takes me just four minutes.

I leave my front door, head up my driveway and turn left.

There are two houses until the corner at Main Street.  This house is to the left on the corner:

and this house is to the right:

(I've been told that the house above was completely run down a few years ago and was bought by someone for a very low price and then renovated.  I have not met the owner, but would love a look inside)

I turn right at the corner and pass two houses and then beside those there is this beautiful green house. It was built many years ago and lived in by a dentist who had his office in the small attached part on the right. You will see it better in the second photo.  Isn't that small additional space amazing!

Directly across the street from this house is a dilapidated house.  I have heard someone might be fixing it up, I sure hope so because I love the old houses and hate to see them torn down.

Beside the nice green house is another small house and then a store that sells car parts.  Beside that as I keep going is "The Friendship Garden."

It has much more colour in the middle of summer, but it's a nice quiet spot and right beside my workshop, the blue house you can see in the background.

Now wouldn't it be nice to put my shop name on the side of the house? Or a painting of a lighthouse, a mermaid or something else?

Perhaps someday you will come and visit beautiful Prince Edward Island and drop by my workshop!